2018 Trends In Kitchen Remodel Orlando

2018 Top Kitchen Remodel Trends: Orlando


In order to design or go through a kitchen remodel in Orlando, these trends discussed below will help homeowners in understanding the evolution, enabling incorporate the trends to create the perfect kitchen. Kitchen cabinetry is an essential element of any modern kitchen. In kitchen remodeling, we understand that a cabinet has a dual role in both creating storage and adding style to the kitchen’s overall outlook. Cabinet design has gone through a few revolutions in recent years and this dictates the direction which kitchen remodeling takes.



In 2018, the design of kitchen cabinets is geared towards achieving simplicity and minimalism in outlook, thereby shaping the top trends being followed this year.

Color Customization:

  • Homeowners are becoming increasingly bold in their color selection. Many homeowners are ditching cookie-cutter designs and going for unique colors that mirror personality and makes a bold statement when remodeling their cabinets. As such, many homeowners are choosing customized colors which fit seamlessly with their kitchen space. There are three color categories which any homeowner can choose from, with each having its own appeal. There are light, medium and dark color categories to choose from. Light colors bring a soft look to the kitchen as they perfectly complement other elements in the kitchen. Light colors include grey and soft green. The medium colors are the most commonly used, with the standard shades of blue and grey belonging to this category. Dark colors are the least popular, but they bring a sense of luxury and drama to the kitchen outlook. Navy blue, inky black and emerald green are common dark colors used in kitchen cabinetry.

Multiple Finish Colors:

  • The growth in technology has afforded homeowners a long list of cabinet finish techniques and color. This has birthed the amazing trend of mixing finish colors for a totally different look. Normally, the upper cabinets are finished in one color, with the base cabinetry in a different one to make for the perfect combination. The common colors used by homeowners are navy blue, black, chocolate brown as well as white. This trend follows the desire to do away with boring designs, infusing more personality in the kitchen space.

Increased Use Of Oakwood:

  • Oakwood used to be the cabinet of choice in the late 90s, with driftwood and cerused finishes being highly desirable. However, in later years, cherry, maple, and engineered wood became popular and significantly reduced the use of Oakwood in cabinetry. In 2018, the wave of renewed attention to vintage by homeowners has informed an increased use of Oakwood in kitchen cabinetry. Oakwood comes in a neutral color and provides an appeal of soft luxury, making suitable for creating a blended balance. It also versatile in look, as homeowners can choose from a common rustic look, seaside outlook, a clean modern look or French cottage look. Oakwood can be used in its natural color or be customized to any color of choice.

Clean Aesthetics:

  • Kitchen cabinetry like every other aspect of home decoration has in recent years been influenced by the wave of modernization. One of the trends brought about by this wave is the adoption of clean aesthetics in the construction of kitchen cabinets. This involved a minimalist approach to designing the cabinets, with ornate design work now out of vogue. Modern cabinets have a recessed panel door, as well as smooth edge profiles; with clutters being reduced to the barest minimum. This style ensures that the cabinet complements other components such as the backsplash and countertop perfectly.

Under Cabinet Lighting:

  • Homeowners are switching from using traditional incandescent bulbs to better means of lighting such as LED lighting. LED lighting provides adequate lighting for a variety of activities in the kitchen. It also comes in a great variety of colors, and this along with its great lasting power has made it a top choice for under cabinet lighting. These under cabinet LED lights can be easily fixed under the wall cabinetry in order to provide light in the kitchen working area as well as improve the overall ambiance of the kitchen. They come in forms such as bars, pucks, and strips.


Other lighting options to consider when it comes to kitchen remodeling in Orlando include Xenon lights, which brings an attractive glow, although they give off some heat. Fluorescent fixtures are also a smart choice, as it is energy efficient and brings the minimal heat. Using halogen lights is, however, a bad choice as they give off too much heat which affects foods and drinks stored inside the cabinet.


  • Large Single Bowl Sinks: Double sinks are going out of vogue, as most homeowners do not engage in handwashing of dishes anymore. Rather large single bowls are more conventional and make for a better working space in the kitchen. Farmhouse design sinks have become popular in recent times, having sinks which are large and deep thereby allowing for comfortable use.


  • Room For Smart Tech: Technology has found its way into the kitchen as we have become increasingly inseparable from our gadgets, and the only problem is to find a way to accommodate it. Kitchen remodeling in Orlando, therefore, has to involve changing the kitchen design to meet gadgetry needs. Modern cabinets now include charging areas for mobile devices. There are also device holders and docking stations to hold mobile devices when following recipes and watching cooking videos in the kitchen. Some high-tech cabinetry also has room for wireless devices such as televisions and wireless speakers. Other trends in 2018, include transitional styling as well as open shelving.

In conclusion, it is clear to see that these trends are informed by the advancements in technology, and also the need for simplicity, comfort and most importantly personalization. Homeowners like yourself,  cabinets that have a unique and personal touch in its overall design, color, and finishing; in order to own their kitchen space and make cooking more fun.

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