Mission Statement

Building memories through woodwork.

Vision Statement

It is Palm Cove’s vision to be the company that designs and fabricates the very best custom cabinetry, fine furniture and mill work all at a fair price. It is important to us that we deliver quality products in a timely manner to our customers while treating them with great respect.
We aim to create solutions where problems exist and custom work that fits any area, big or small.
For unique, specialized and tailor-made furniture, we are the people for you.

Commonly used Species (Many more offered)


A hard and heavy wood known for its lighter color and tight grain (less distinct grain). Color varies from almost white to medium brown. Maple has become very popular of late due to its tight grain and use with glazed finishes.


Cherry are often considered the top of the line in kitchen and bath cabinetry.A slightly hard and relatively light wood known for its tight grain and elegant coloring. Color varies from almost white to light brown to pinkish red, giving it a wider variation in color than most people know.

Red Oak

The most traditional and commonly used wood species in cabinetry for many years. It is known for its distinctive open graining and attractive price. Oak lumber can vary from almost white to brown to gray. These are normal variations in the color of oak, and are to be expected in cabinetry. The lighter the stain, the more noticeable the variations.


A very hard, heavy wood known for its extremely bold and distinct open grain and color variations. A of hickory lumber can have several color variations from almost white to dark brown and black. Dark are common. Extreme color variation is expected in hickory and that is what gives hickory its charm.


is quite strong and dense. However, it is also a highly workable wood, so it is well-suited for use in and other woodwork. One of the most appealing properties of natural mahogany wood is its exceptional rot-resistance. This wood is also very resistant to marring and denting.After several years, mahogany.s natural aging process will cause your to turn a rich, dark red color. Lacquer or stain can enhance the beauty of mahogany, as well.


is an attractive as well as economical choice. Birch has a very similar look to maple but, because it is a fast-growing wood, a birch cabinet is priced considerably lower than a maple one. Our birch are classic looks that provide clean lines.


(Tectona Grandis) is a dense grained “deciduous” hardwood indigenous to Burma and Thailand. Known for its’ perfect combination of beauty, durability, impervious nature and resistance to rot and insect damage, , naturally occurring in teak, has enzymes which resist attack by micro-organisms such as fungi, mold, wood rot and insects such as termites and post-pile beetles. As a woodworking material, teak is renowned for it’s tensile strength and resistance to warping and shrinkage. It’s grain pattern and patina make it one of the worlds most beautiful and considered by woodworkers to be of the highest quality much like rosewood, Koa from Hawaii, and Honduran mahogany.